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Syngenta Breeding Academy Program Lead Job - #1732410A1

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Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota, Mid-West United States, USA
Company: Syngenta
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Open Til: 16-Apr-12
Industry Sector: Agribusiness
Industry Type: Agronomy
Career Type: General
Job Type: Full Time
Minimum Years Experience Required: N/A
Salary: Competitive

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Division: R&D (Crops)
Function: Research & Product Development
City: Minnetonka
State/Province: Minnesota [MN]
Country: United States [US]
Position Title: Syngenta Breeding Academy Program Lead
Job ID: 2451

Role Purpose/Accountabilities:
Plan and manage projects (integrated into a program) which enable the development and delivery of the Syngenta Breeding Academy. Support our committment to set a new industry standard for ongoing development and support of breeding and breeding related competencies that enhances Syngenta’s ability to attract, retain and develop our "breeding talents"

Manage Syngenta Breeding Academy projects to ensure a high standards and capabilities in content quality and in the areas of adult continuing education, distance learning, engaging program design and results based outcomes

Work collaboratively with Syngenta R&D leadership, our HR L&D resources and our collaborators in the identification and continual updating of clear business, performance and content objectives for Syngenta Breeding Academy and it's component courses and programs

Plan and manage projects that engage internal and external experts in the design and content of Breeding Academy programs and courses in support of the defined business, performance and content objects for he sessions

Engage and manage relationships with internal and external content and support providers for the Breeding Academy. Scope includes scouting for opportunities, developing relationships, managing engagement of the resource providers in the program and ensuring the program outcomes are optimized through effective engagement of available resource

Oversee the development and delivery of projects and programs within the Syngenta Breeding Academy through development and execution of project plans for the Academy and its component parts

Establish registration processes, program metrics and implementation initiatives that allow for smooth course execution, targeted employee development and continuous program improvement

Establish a branding and communication work stream that champions the development of communication tools and content (stories, testemonials, presentations, brochures, etc.) that brings Syngenta Breeding Academy to life for its stakeholder communities

Establish, mange and maintain a Syngenta Breeding Academy website that serves as a focal hub and navigation resource for its stakeholder communities

Operational Responsibility:

Manage projects that enable delivery of the Syngenta Breeding Academy pilot program to be conducted in 2012 and beyond. This includes establishing and gaining agreement on project structure, timelines, budgets and outcomes. Establishing and delivering on agreed timelines and budgets that enable success

Model the way by developing and/or teaching some components of Syngenta Breeding Academy sessions, workshops, or online modules

Establish and engage project teams for effective engagement and implementation. Establsh and monitor related timelines, milestones and metrics

Support development of a 5 year plan for the Syngenta Breeding Academy that outlines the long term scope and vision for the academy and a proposed path to achieving that vision

Establish a set of defined collaborative relationships with universities and other collaborating parties that enables the Syngenta Breeding academy to leverage and influence external resources in the development and implementation of the academy

Establish and manage the budget for the Breeding Academy programs and pilots. Plan and budget for future program development and implementation

Number of Direct Reports:
0-1, depending on need and potential to outsource suppor. Direct and 3rd party/contract support is likely to grow as the program develops

Total Staff:
0-1, along with significant external contract service resource engagement and internal project team engagement of resources for design, promotion, support and delivery of the program

Managerial Responsibility:
Manage budgets, establish - update - manage project teams, manage internal and external strategic relationships, establish and deliver on focused initatives, establish and manage communication efforts relating to SBA,

Organisational Responsibility:
Work effectively on a global and cross crop basis with internal and external stakeholders. Establish and mange internal and external project/program engagement aimed at delivering the program objectives. Fully engaging the participants and providers of SBA

Strategic Impact:
Step change the development of internal talent and the creation of networks / collaborations that more fully leverage Syngenta's global capabilities
Enable development / implementation of novel new breeding approaches that bring Syngenta breeding program to the fronier of effectivess
Enhance our ability to efficiently and effectively leverage external talent and competencies in plant breeding through effective engagement of collaboration parters in the SBA
Establish SBA as a recognized recruitment and retention differentiator for Syngenta

Representation of Syngenta:
Represents Syngenta as a leader in the area of breeding excellence and the leveraging of internal and external capabilities in this area
Represents Syngenta as a leader in support for ongoing development of its employees worldwide
Establish Syngetna as a trendsetter and collaborator with universities in the development and implementation of continuing education in plant breeding

Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

Critical knowledge:
Expertise in results focused adult and distance education programs
Experience with R&D programs and training of scientists
Experience with and understanding of Breeding Academy content
Strong communication, engagement and stakeholder management capabilities
Project management capabilities
Management in matrix organizations and through collaborations and contract services
Demonstrated capability in planning and facilitation of meetings and conferences

Critical Experience
Project management experience - 2 years
Adult continuing education development and delivery, both face-to-face and online
Team building
Inspiring and focusing project teams
Communicating with impact
Planning and conducting meetings and conferences
Working within a complex matrix organization and across different functions
Guiding and influencing collaborators across diverse disciplines

Critical technical, professional, and personal Capabilities:
Project planning and management
Teaching and coaching skills
Building strategic relationships