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AG HR Workshops

Workplace Discrimination and Bullying
October 22, 2014
Webinar, New South Wales, Australia

We spend a lot of time with a range of people and personalities at work. Much of the time it makes for a diverse, interesting and enjoyable work environment. However, as many managers will attest, things can and occasionally do, go wrong. Bullying and workplace harassment do occur and it is important for managers to firstly, be aware of the signs that there is an issue and have confidence to deal with it appropriately. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, are the prevention steps that managers can take to avoid these issues in the first instance. Workplaces also need to be aware of their legal obligations in this regard, and this webinar will serve as a good refresher of these obligations, as well as an update in relation to recent law changes in this area.


Building an Accountable Workforce from Within
October 24, 2014

Accountability by definition is acknowledgment and responsibility for actions and decisions.  Within a company, accountability among employees can be nurtured to thrive or squashed to be non-existent based on management’s approach.  Most would agree that an accountable workforce is a productive workforce. How do you build an accountable workforce?  This webinar will shed light on the role leadership plays on accountability and how managers can work to build accountability among their company, staff, department and/or team.  Participants will take away how accountability can be cultivated and the type of leadership style(s) that typically lend best to this. Building accountability is one thing, but keeping it is another and this session will provide insight on how to do so.  This session is great for new managers or managers looking to refresh their leadership to evoke accountability.


Time Management Skills for the New Year!
December 12, 2014

Get a head start on a New Year’s resolution and learn a few new skills to help manage your time a little more effectively!  With the holidays looming, the hustle and bustle of the time is enough to get to most.  Why not take a little time and do something that will help you retake control of your time?  This practical session will provide tips on better managing your time -- something that can be utilized in the workplace, at home and other aspects of life.  From managing a packed schedule to digging out of the paper to putting email in its place, this session will provide tips on how to effectively handle those major time suckers and more.  We hope participants walk away from this session with a weight lifted from their shoulders and a plan of attack to manage their time better in the New Year!


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