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Intern Recruiting? What You Need to Know NOW for Success
September 01, 2016

Career fair season is right around the corner and intern recruiting will be in full force. Are you prepared? This webinar will cover what you need to be doing NOW to set your program up for success and tips to maintain that success through the internship. Students will tell you, there are plenty of do's and don'ts when it comes to a great internship program. With a wealth of knowledge and feedback from interns throughout the agriculture industry, Ashley Collins of, will share what interns are saying organizations are getting wrong and what they are doing right. Learn how to overcome those destructive practices and identify ways to build on areas of strength. This webinar will give participants the building blocks of a great program, advice for coaching intern managers, tips for leveraging the program for maximum return on investment, and strategic actions to make NOW to get your internship program off to a great start!


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