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AG HR Workshops

Instruction & Coaching Skill for Managers and Team Leaders
June 13, 2016 - June 14, 2016
Des Moines, IA, Iowa,

It is easy to fault staff when a task is not completed to standard or in the manner desired.  As managers we tend to point fingers and become frustrated with our staff, when in reality, the person we likely should be frustrated with is ourselves because we did not effectively train staff in the first place. Unfortunately, most managers don’t know where they fall short in their training and development skills because very few actually go through formal training on how to train. This in depth, interactive course will elevate participants’ ability to successfully train staff through a series of formal learning and engaging demonstration. Whether you need to train an employee to take soil samples, AI a cow, design an e-outreach, or utilize business software, principles and techniques shared from this course can be applied to training of any practical skill, such as these examples and many more. What are your practical skill training needs? Participants will le


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