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Internship Programs that Yield Results
April 14, 2015 - April 15, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri,

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! With the great turnout last year and the inbound requests, we are pleased to be offering the workshop Internship Programs that Yield Results again in 2015. Internship programs serve several purposes for a business, from trying out a potential employee to giving back to the industry. How a company approaches the development and management of an internship program is the difference between success and failure. Investing the time and effort into a proper program helps with recruiting efforts, retention, morale, and company productivity. While a substandard internship program can be detrimental to these as well as overall employer brand. This workshop will give participants the building blocks of a great program; advice for coaching intern managers; and tips for leveraging the program for maximum return on investment. The workshop will feature educational sessions based off of research and experience from clients as well as insight from unive


Everything You Do (In Compensation) is Communication
April 24, 2015

Your compensation program speaks for itself. Are you comfortable with what it is saying?

Most of us recognize that our employees and managers translate our compensation programs differently than we do. Learn how to get everyone on the same page for once. The easy 8-step approach shared, incorporates everything from compensation design decisions to words and presentations. Leave with practical tips and tools to improve your compensation strategy communication.


Telecommuting as a Flexible Staffing Approach
June 26, 2015

With business becoming more and more digitalized, we are seeing work-at-home as an option for many organizations. This staffing approach can be highly beneficial, especially in retaining current employees who experience life changes that challenge their commute away from home, or in recruiting new employees in a remote area to promote business. But if the idea of telecommuting is new to your business, there are some things you’ll want to know. You’re invited to learn the ups and downs of telecommuting through this informative webinar. We will focus on how to create a successful telecommuting plan if you are new to the idea or, for those that have telecommuters in place, the opportunity to refresh on some best practices. Finally, webinar attendees will get the chance to ask questions and discuss ways to approach telecommuting in their own businesses.


Acing Today's Interview
August 28, 2015

You could say that today’s interview is both more complex and more challenging than a Mad Men-era suit-and-tie sit-down questionnaire. The interview has evolved into so many different types and approaches that it’s hard to know what you’re in for when you’re asked to come in. Job seekers: join for this FREE webinar to learn about what the different types of interviews entail and how to adequately prepare for them. Use the information provided in this session to be the winning candidate that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


A Workplace Culture Focused on Ethics
October 23, 2015

If the word “ethics” hasn’t been uttered much around your place of work, maybe it’s time for a refresher. Standards on ethics and behavior within a business are crucial to its wellbeing, functionality, and, ultimately, profitability. By establishing a practice of positive ethics and training employees to follow that practice, a business is given the internal fundamentals to prosper. Managers and business leaders are invited to join us in this important lesson on building and maintaining ethics within the workplace. Together, we will look at the role of ethics in a business, knowing whether or not ethics are present, and what to do when a business’s ethical standards are put to the test.


Women in the Agricultural Workplace
December 04, 2015

Agriculture has been stereotypically viewed as predominantly male, but female interest in agriculture has been steadily rising for the past several years. Female enrollment in agricultural 4-year programs has consistently remained above male enrollment since 2010 (Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Enrollment and Outlook Report by – 2013 Update). A new study conducted by reveals further findings to support and examine the fact that more and more women are joining the agricultural workforce today than ever before. Therefore, it’s time to take note to capture the specific skills and talents women bring to the industry. Attend this webinar and gain an insight into the statistics about women working in agriculture. Learn about what women bring to the industry and how they can propel agriculture’s positive image forward. And, with this new perception, find out how to better recruit women into your agricultural business or how to retain t


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