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Bullying in the Workplace: Not Just a Playground Problem
March 20, 2015

While it may sound absurd, many adults go to work each day with the same agony and gripping fear a teenager may feel going to school knowing a bully awaits them. But this isn’t middle school—this is supposed to be the professional world. Workplace bullying is occurring more than you’d like to believe. The effects are highly damaging not only to the victim or victims who may feel emotionally traumatized and ostracized from their coworkers, but also to the morale and functionality of the business as a whole.


Has bullying occurred in your workplace? This webinar for human resources managers as well as all business managers will examine workplace bullying from a variety of angles. Learn about what is considered bullying as well as best practices for handling it if it happens in your workplace. Join us as we shed light on what some consider a taboo topic, because it’s imperative that it is talked about and understood.


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