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AG HR Workshops

Internship Programs that Yield Results
April 15, 2014 - April 16, 2014
Ankeny, Iowa,

Internship programs serve several purposes for a business, from trying out a potential employee to giving back to the industry.  How a company approaches the development and   management of an internship program is the difference between success and failure. Investing the time and effort into a proper program helps with recruiting efforts, retention, morale, and company productivity.  While a substandard internship program can be detrimental to these as well as overall employer brand.


Critical Components of Effective Workplace Communication
April 25, 2014

Communication makes the world go round -- especially in the workplace!  We’ve all witnessed stellar communication practices and then those that have failed epically.  When you step back and really evaluate, many common workplace challenges can be easily avoided or resolved with a more effective use of communication. During this webinar, we’ll quickly refresh what the true components of effective communication are and tips for utilizing these components to the fullest.  Plus, take a look at communication based on who you are communicating with.  Utilizing several examples, the presenter will share the appropriate way to handle some common workplace pitfalls with good communication. Everyone can use a communication refresher course now and again -- don’t miss your chance!


Translating Military Experience into Civilian Speak for Employment (for Military Veterans)
June 27, 2014

Are you a veteran or military professional that has struggled to articulate how your military experience translates into workplace skills valued by potential employers? This webinar is for you and is FREE to veterans interested in learning a few tips on how to make your military experience resonate with potential agribusiness employers.  It is known, that civilians often times have a hard time understanding the hierarchy and duties performed within the military, and helping a hiring manager understand that experience can be very challenging. The agriculture industry holds numerous career opportunities fitting for veterans. knows that employers within this industry are interested in hiring veterans.  This webinar will provide steps to help bridge the gap to effectively communicate the tremendous value a military background can bring to the workplace!


Compensation & Benefits for Your Organization: Add-On Workshop
August 07, 2014
Minneapolis, Minnesota,

This workshop, being held in conjunction with the Ag & Food HR Roundtable, is a great way to evaluate and reassess an organization’s compensation policies and practices. Guest presenters will share information on a variety of compensation and benefits high interest issues, such as compensation for retention; benefit plans in a regulatory environment; incentives vs base pay; and effectively communicating benefit programs. This brief 1-day workshop will provide helpful insight to take your organization's compensation and benefits programs to the next level.


The Price of a Bad Hire and the Importance of Recruiting Top Talent
August 22, 2014

Do you know the cost of a bad hire?  On the surface the costs of advertising, time investment, etc. are significant enough, but if you look deeper you have the costs associated with the position being left empty; the impact on co-workers picking up the slack; and customer’s needs being left unfulfilled, for example.  Now more than ever, it is critical to be strategic and purposeful when recruiting. This brief webinar will focus on ways to be strategic about recruiting top talent.  From ideas on writing an impactful job description to sourcing talent pipelines, this session will provide an overview and tricks of the trade to recruit top-notch talent for your organization.


Building an Accountable Workforce from Within
October 24, 2014

Accountability by definition is acknowledgment and responsibility for actions and decisions.  Within a company, accountability among employees can be nurtured to thrive or squashed to be non-existent based on management’s approach.  Most would agree that an accountable workforce is a productive workforce. How do you build an accountable workforce?  This webinar will shed light on the role leadership plays on accountability and how managers can work to build accountability among their company, staff, department and/or team.  Participants will take away how accountability can be cultivated and the type of leadership style(s) that typically lend best to this. Building accountability is one thing, but keeping it is another and this session will provide insight on how to do so.  This session is great for new managers or managers looking to refresh their leadership to evoke accountability.


Time Management Skills for the New Year!
December 12, 2014

Get a head start on a New Year’s resolution and learn a few new skills to help manage your time a little more effectively!  With the holidays looming, the hustle and bustle of the time is enough to get to most.  Why not take a little time and do something that will help you retake control of your time?  This practical session will provide tips on better managing your time -- something that can be utilized in the workplace, at home and other aspects of life.  From managing a packed schedule to digging out of the paper to putting email in its place, this session will provide tips on how to effectively handle those major time suckers and more.  We hope participants walk away from this session with a weight lifted from their shoulders and a plan of attack to manage their time better in the New Year!

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