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Handling Sticky Situations in a PC Workplace
February 19, 2016

We live in a very PC world, and it’s generally expected that the workplace follow suit. But when situations arise between coworkers over political, social, or religious views, the matter can’t just be swept under the rug. These kinds of disputes can negatively affect an otherwise productive and cooperative workplace, and when they occur, the manager is expected to be the mediator. But what steps can one take to peacefully solve this kind of dispute?  This webinar for human resources managers as well as all business managers will examine these so called “sticky situations” from a variety of angles. Learn about why these matters need to be addressed and solved as well as best practices for handling arguments when they occur in your workplace.


Building an Accountable Workforce
June 17, 2016

You can count on your staff, right? If you don’t immediately shout “YES!” to this question, ask yourself this: is your workforce accountable and as a leader have you driven an accountable workforce culture?     Accountability for mistakes is one thing, but what we really desire to achieve with an accountable workforce are employees regularly saying to themselves, “What else can I do to rise above the circumstances to achieve the desired results?”  In this webinar for managers, learn what an accountable workforce looks like and how, once made accountable, they work more progressively. Then take that knowledge and learn how to build upon it in your own organization, by examining your own leadership. Become a greater organization overall by building accountability from within.


Effectively Communicating Benefit Plans
August 19, 2016

Unless they all work in human resources, benefit plans can look like a foreign language to your staff. There are always new employees coming on that may need some extra guidance, but there are also instances when a company may change its benefit offerings or employees face lifestyle changes in which they may need to update their benefit plans. Whatever the situation, while the terminology may be all too familiar to an HR manager, relaying that information is sometimes challenging. In this webinar for human resources professionals, we’ll discuss important steps to take when communicating benefit plans to employees, no matter what instance you find your organization in. The process doesn’t have to be complicated for either party. A strategic approach to communicating benefit plans boosts employee appreciation and understanding.


Become a Performance Review Pro
October 21, 2016

A performance review is like a fruitcake: you get them once a year whether you want them or not, and they tend to be dry. Performance reviews might seem like run-of-the-mill practices done annually, but to really create change and boost employee productivity, it may be time to flip the script.  What aren’t you doing or saying in a performance review that you should be? Are you preaching to or collaborating with your employees? And should it be more frequent?   Get answers to all of these questions and more in this special webinar for business managers and human resources professionals. A performance review doesn’t have to be a painful, forced and lengthy discussion. Shaking up your performance review style can be the key to unlocking enormous employee potential.


Incorporating Flexibility into the Workplace
December 09, 2016

You’ve heard it all before: what’s important to today’s up-and-coming employees? Flexibility. Employees are interested in workplace flexibility to not only take care of personal and family needs but also to even out their work-life balance. Organizations that have successfully incorporated flexibility into their workplace remain most competitive in today’s talent market.   Even if you think you’ve incorporated flexibility into your talent management strategy, ask yourselves this: are employees really leaving their work behind when they’re “off the clock?” While not every form of flexibility works for all employees, it is certainly time to be flexible in our own respect and admit that not all work can be done in the stereotypical 9 to 5 office setting.   Join for a webinar examining the different types of approaches a business or hiring manager can take toward incorporating flexibility into the workplace.


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