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Bradley Bond

Curry-Wille & Associates Consulting Engineers P.C.

425 S. 2nd P.O. Box 1732 Ames, Iowa, USA, 50010

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Bradley Bond is a licensed engineering consultant for Curry-Wille & Associates and has worked on numerous agricultural and commercial projects throughout the United States as well as internationally. Brad is specialized in working with livestock manure handling and treatment systems particularly with vegetative treatment systems to control and treat runoff from open feedlots. He has extensive experience with livestock facility design, manure routing, pumping system design, secondary containment structures, and general agricultural design. Brad holds a B.S. and M.S. degree from Iowa State University in the Agricultural Engineering Department and is a licensed civil engineer in the state of Iowa.    


Additional Areas of Consultation Include:

  • Agricultural Research Facilities
  • Bio-secure Livestock Facilities
  • Grain Handling, Storage, and Processing Facilities
  • Facility Planning, Site Layouts, Site Selection, Programing
  • Livestock Confinements
  • Open feedlot Runoff Control Systems
  • Permit Requirements for Open Lot and Confinement Feeding Operations
  • Manure Handling Systems for Various Species and Operations
  • Pump Sizing, Pipe Flow, and Lift Station Design
  • Secondary Containment Structures for Fertilizer & Pesticide Tanks
  • Fuel storage - Spill Prevention, Control, Countermeasures Plans
  • Wood and Reinforced Concrete Design for Agricultural Structures
  • General Agricultural Consultation