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If you’ve been a follower of over the last year and a half, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been bringing you a lot of products through our partnership with AgrowKnowledge ( Our partnership with this organization has allowed us to provide some valuable market research for the ag industry; to engage more people in career development events; and much more. We’re excited that this partnership has allowed us to bring you another great tool when it comes to job searching. We have launched a new e-newsletter, in addition to our weekly e-newsletter, the AgrowKnowledge and Skill and Trade Profession Newsletter. This newsletter is designed to market job opportunities for the agricultural industry that are unique to those individuals who have specific skills or trade experience to bring to the workplace. Individuals with specialized training and experience are in high demand. As our nation’s economy begins to rebuild, these jobs will be among some of the first available opportunities for job seekers. Not only are these jobs the foundation for so many businesses, but the people, who are the framework of this workforce, is one that is quickly approaching retirement.

At, we’ve realized that job seekers in the skill and trade profession are an important part of the agricultural industry. As AgrowKnowledge serves as a National Resource Center for AgriScience and Technology Education, they provide educational tools that help to build this workforce. This newsletter will help build that bridge from education to the workplace.

The Skill and Trade Profession newsletter will be delivered via email 12 times throughout the year, during two six-month periods consisting of January through May, and September through December. The newsletter will feature seven jobs, from, classified as skill and trade profession jobs and categorized into each of the seven career pathways.

The Career Clusters were developed by the United States Department of Education and are used in the education field to help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a field related to the career cluster of their choice. Within each cluster are pathways; these pathways help students focus on a more specific career. The Agriculture and Natural Resource Career Cluster contains seven pathways: Agribusiness Systems, Animal Systems, Environmental Service Systems, Food Products and Processing Systems, Natural Resource Systems, Plant Systems and Power, Structural and Technical Systems. More information about the Career Clusters can be found on the AgrowKnowledge website at

Article content in each edition will be job seeker-focused and designed to help job seekers prepare for the application, interview, and professional aspects of working in the agricultural industry.

Like our weekly newsletter, the Skill and Trade Profession Newsletter also provides links to view more jobs on, access other newsletter articles for job searching advice, and a link to create an account and post your resume into the resume database. Additionally, subscribers can also link to AgrowKnowledge to learn more about the services they provide.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 80% of the new jobs created between 2002 and 2012 will require an Associate’s degree, applied technology training, or other college experience less than a Bachelor’s degree. Those jobs are for the skill and trade professional and include; electricians, mechanics, millwrights, technicians, production supervisors, operators, welders, applicators, etc. We hope that this newsletter will help with awareness of these opportunities in the agricultural industry and will connect employers with a pipeline of talent!

The next Skill and Trade Profession newsletter will go out on Monday May 17th, if you would like to subscribe to receive this newsletter CLICK HERE. To view some of the market research projects brought to you through the and AgrowKnowledge partnership CLICK HERE.

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