About Us

Elite Talent is a private online community for experienced, quality-checked professionals within agriculture from AgCareers.com.  AgCareers.com provides global talent solutions for the agriculture and food industry.

AgCareers.com’s online job board, the foundation of our service offerings, features more than 5,000 jobs each month and boasts more than 190,000 visits on average per month.  Candidates and employers connect through the job board to facilitate successful hires.  In addition to applying to jobs, candidates and employers can utilize the AgCareers.com resume database to find their perfect match.

Beyond the job board, AgCareers.com provides a variety of additional talent solutions including an agribusiness salary survey, the Compensation Benchmark Review™, the Agribusiness HR Review Report, the Ag & Food HR Roundtable, an agribusiness consultant directory, agricultural university & college database, agricultural career profiles, training and consulting and much more.

Elite Talent is yet another example of how we are helping to connect and service both talented professionals and employers within the industry.  Through Elite Talent professionals can confidentially engage with employers and employers can source some of the industry’s finest talent!

Ask your AgCareers.com Account  Manager for more information about Elite Talent, the AgCareers.com job board or any of the additional AgCareers.com talent solution offerings.

AgCareers.com Elite Talent Consultants

Cynthia Cole
Talent Solutions Manager    
Phone: 800.929.8975 x5200  
Email: cynthia.cole@agcareers.com 
Carolyn Lee
Talent Solutions Manager, Western Canada
Phone: 800.929.8975 x7001
Email: carolyn.lee@agcareers.com
Kristi Sproul
Education & Marketing Specialist
Phone: 800.929.8975 x6004 
Email: kristi.sproul@agcareers.com