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Crop, Plant & Soil Science, Seed & Biotechnology, Human Resources

Jonathan Shaver

Envision Partners, LLC

2939 XENWOOD AVE S Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 55416

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Your most important career transition is the one that leads to your first management role.   The way in which you make this change, and your success in that role, will be the foundation and the model for all of your future achievement.

Is this your story?

At the beginning of your career, success was solely dependent on your own hard work and knowledge.  But, successful individual contributors need a leader to guide their activity, and this person might be you.  I help individuals who are in the midst of transition from management-of-self where success is dependent upon your own hard work and knowledge, to management-of-others where your success will be dependent upon the hard work and knowledge of others. 

Are you preparing for a leadership role?

  • Build your confidence that this is the right career decision for you
  • Identify and develop the skills that will carry you into and through this career change
  • Balance your own work with work required to manage a team
  • Motivate others to follow your lead without authority


Are you already in a leadership role?

  • Accept responsibility for the new assignment and let go of the familiar activities
  • Delegate work to others; holding others accountable
  • Evaluate the performance of others; provide coaching and feedback
  • Build social contracts with your peers, team and your supervisor
  • Find value in the management activities that bring success of your team members


How can I help you?

An experienced coach can help you assess your strengths and translate these into real on-the-job developmental activities that will confidently and purposefully move you to the next level of performance or set the stage for new opportunities.   A coach is an accountability partner who challenges perspectives, requires honest reflection, encourages and celebrates success.  

About Envision Partners

Combining my agriculture research background, corporate experience and relationship skills, I have worked successfully to help new managers identify and develop leadership skills that lead to superior technical results from their teams.   I work with individuals and talent management teams to aid in the development of early- and mid-career managers across the agriculture industry.  I have learned  that regardless of the management level and experience, individuals must embrace the need for building new skills, using their time differently and adopting new values that will bring them and the organization the greatest success.